SIHF welcomed FIH President Tyyab Ikram

Published Wed 05 Jun 2024

FIH President Tyyab made a huge impact promoting the sport of Hockey during his visit to the Solomon Islands. He engaged with Government officials, especially the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Council. A highlight was his meeting with the new Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele, where both exchanged gifts as seen in the lead photo.

Alison Birchall, CEO of the National Sports Council, organised a conducted tour of all the new sporting facilities that were built for the Pacific Games 2023, including the new Hockey 5s Stadium. Tyyab was extremely helpful in encouraging the National Sports Council (NSC)to open the Hockey Facility to be used by as many participants as possible. This resulted in a major signing the following day of an MOU between SIHF and NSC recognising SIHF's full compliance as a national sporting organisation together with an intent to have the hockey facility open for use both for hockey developemnt and competition. See photo of signing with SIHF President Winki Yee and FIH President Tyyab Ikram witnessing the signing.


SIHF organised King George VI Secondary School students to take part in a skills and small game session which FIH President Tyyab attended. 

Many of the students had never played hockey before but had attended the Pacific Games and watched Hockey 5s being played. Their enthusiasm was such that they stayed for an extra hour after school had finished. SIHF had invited national players to come and meet Tyyab so they divided the school students up and played alongside them to help them understand the game.

Tyyab also met the SI Hook in4 Health Sport for Development Team, together with Ray Lapun, the lead manager for Papua New Guinea, and expressed his appreciation for the integrated work that was being achieved.