Hook in4 Health Program

Hook in4 Health 

This is the name of the project that integrates hockey and health outcomes together. This project is currently delivered in 3 countries Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. OHF is the lead hockey partner together with Hockey Australia, Aspire Cairns Hockey and Wan Smolbag. Acknowledgement of our initial partners Family Planning NSW and Flinders University  ( Dr Deb Agnew and Dr Kathryn Jackson) who have set the platform and provided valuable research to carry the program into 2023 through to 2025. Family Planning NSW introduced in country providers to support the training of staff and delivery with resources in associated health fields. 

In November 2023, Hook in4 Health was launched in  Honiara, Solomon Islands. The Hin4H team of fulltime and part time staff now numbers 16. Ray Lapun (PNG), Joachim Rande (Sol)and Frank Vira (Van) are the 3 leads in country.

Team Up

Team Up is an Australian Government program supporting partnerships across the Pacific that use sport to bring people together, champion inclusion and create opportunity.

Team Up is a sport for development program comprising more than 30 partnerships across the Asia-Pacific that are working towards three outcomes.

  1. Sport programs attract and retain women, girls and people with a disability, as well as men and boys
  2. Sport organisations are safe, inclusive and accessible
  3. Australia and Asia-Pacific partners use sport to strengthen relationships and build closer collaboration

These three outcomes all contribute to Team Up’s overall goal: Australia-Asia-Pacific sport partnerships support all people to realise their full potential through sport.

The first phase of Team Up is centred on the Pacific. It involves more than 60 partners from 13 sports and has five focus areas: gender, disability, leadership, governance and knowledge. Read on to find out more about how Team Up works in partnership to forge progress in these areas.

In total, 13 sports (Australian rules football, basketball, badminton, cricket, football, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rugby league, rugby union, swimming, table tennis and volleyball) provide the basis for the 30 programs.

Team Up Partnerships Manager and former Papua New Guinea football captain Andrew Lepani said: "It is truly exciting to be launching Team Up and to be able to continue working with many established sport for development partners in the Pacific, along with several new ones.

"While Team Up builds on the solid foundations set by its long-running predecessor program, Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP), it has a new and sharpened focus on allowing all people, regardless of their gender, ability or background, to reach their full potential through sport.

The partners have been working closely with us over the past few months to design and refine their programs and we are looking forward to teaming up to transform lives through sport."