Papua New Guinea



COVID  has impacted significantly on all hockey activities over the past months  with all the national sport staduims closed. However, hockey has been given permission to start some activities but there is still reluctance to get involved while COVID is sweeping through the country. The Hook in4 Health Development Officers Ray, Lola and Hussein have used the time to plan for re opening as well as complete training so that they provide quality in their delivery. There have been groups of children who have been coming most days and Ray has been providing them with balls and sticks so that they can enjoy their time at hockey.


Hockey is a recognised sport in Papua New Guinea that is played in many parts of the country - Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Madang, Wewak, Manus, Kokopo and Kimbe. PNGHF received its Incorporation on 31st Decemebr 2003 but hockey had been playing well before this and national teams had been part of the original Oceania Cups.

There are 6 active Associations in 2021 - PMHA - Port Moresby Hockey, LCHA - Lae City Hockey, Madang Hockey, Manus Hockey, Hockey East New Britain and Hockey West New Britain. 

President : Mr Kaluwin Potuan ( photo below )

Kaluwin has not only represented PNGHF as President but has been a Vice President of Oceania Hockey Federation completing his service in 2018. Kaluwin has been the driving force behind the magnificent national hockey staduim that Port Moresby has today. He has also supported Oceania's application to the Australian Government for Sport 4 Development funding which now sees the Hook in4 Health program operating out of Port Moresby for 2021 and will move to other areas in 2022. This project has provided employment for 3 local hockey personalities - Ray Lapun, Lola Ilumpui and Hussein Lowah.



Full details of the PNGHF Profile is attached at the end of this story

Player Registrations 2019
Association Adult Players  Youth Players  (5-18 yrs)
PMHA - Port Moresby    600   200
LCHA - Lae City    500   300
Hockey ENB     200    800
Hockey WNB    200     50
Madang     100  
Manus     600    300
Total  2200  1650


PNGHF have an  excellent record in hosting and organising tournaments - internationally, regionally, nationally and locally. They have taken part in Oceania Cups since the start and have entered recent ones 2013,15,17 in the 11 aside competition but in 2019 entered the Oceania Intercontinental Hockey 5s which runs beside Oceania Cup and won both Men and Women's Competition. PNGHF successfully hosted Pacific Games 2015 and as a legacy from that event, gained a superb hockey facility - Sir John Guise Hockey Staduim ( see photo above during the finals of Pacific Games 2015) which has a full internationally certified water pitch with a small warm up area at one end. The pavilion built at the same time caters for all needs, including those with a disability, with office space, a seperate medical room, officials room, changing rooms and equipment storage. PNGHF hosted a very successful FIH Youth Olympic Qualifier in 2018. The women's group has been very active in having masters teams that have regularly competed in international events.


PNGHF have always looked to take every opportunity to develop their people  and grow their capability. Their volunteer group is very well trained and demonstrate that in hosting events. The area that they have really excelled in is in officiating where they have developed competent umpires and technical officials. Theresa Potuan was appointed to Oceania Cup 2019 and she has mentored and led this group well, together with Caroline Kahai and Josie Pongi who have all had continental appointments. It was pleasing to see Ruby Kisapai, Kulamen Kahai, Hussein Lowah, Eddy Gebo, Lionel Hebei, Milton Kisapai and Edward Purkikil all performing well as umpires at the at the YOG qualifiers at home.