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Hook in4 Health Outreach Moso Island


Vanuatu Hook in4 Health program is gaining momentum. Vanuatu Hockey Federation had their AGM early in the Year and new President Onis Namu and his Board are right behind the project. Vanuatu had the advantage of  already having successful hockey programs  running under  Development Officer and Interim Hin4H Incountry Coordinator, Nasse Maltungtung, and these have continued while the program was being fully developed with lead partner Oceania Hockey Federation together with partners Cairns Aspire, Family Planning NSW, Flinders University, Hockey Australia and Wansmolbag.

There 2 key geographic areas that hockey is associatied with in Vanuatu in 2021 are centred at Wansmolbag in Port Vila and 3 outreach communities of Nth Efate - Eton, Edon and Ekipe. Nasse has also visited Moso Island earlier in the year where children from the local school had great hockey experiences 

The Australian High Commissioner, Sarah Dezoeten, hosted dignatories, sponsors and sports at the launch of Team Up and Vanuatu's Hook in4 Health  on 4 March.  The employment of new staff has just been completed and this will allow significant impact with a team of 3 staff and supported by volunteer hockey helpers, getting into more schools and opening oportunities for many others. 

The key areas of activity are :

Hook in4 Health Schools - School visits, Afterschool and Holiday Sessions

Hook in4 Health Port Vila - Mamas in Hockey, Adult and Youth Trainings and Games, Disability Group 

Hook in4 Health Outreach - visiting outreach communities especially on Nth Efate, Tanolui, and Moso Island

Hook in4 Health  International Days  - celebrating themes associated with international days such as Women's Day,                                                                           Olympic day

Hook in4 Health Whistle In -  encouraging females to develop as Umpires and Officials

Alongside all these activities run integrated messaging  and education oportunities that will result in all communities in Vanuatu to live well, learn well and lead well.