Hin4H Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea Hook in4 Health Program is now officially underway! This project will impact all existing members of hockey but create new opportunities for the following groups

  • youth in schools and afterschool activities
  • those with a disability - looking to establish a partnership with Special Olympics and the Deaf Association
  • young girls and women to be engaged

The key objective is create an environment where all hockey participants gain knowledge to LIVE WELL, LEARN WELL and LEAD WELL

Over the past few months there has been a considerable amount of time planning the project so that once OHF the lead team in the project had received the final contract and PNGHF had completed all the Government paperwork required by the PNG Govt to allow the Hockey Stadium to be used due to COVID 19 restrictions activities could commence.

Ray Lapun , the interim in Country Co -Ordinator has been attending all the Hin4H partner meeting every Friday and working with a local committee to ensure that everything was ready.

The first major step was the arrival of an equipment pack early in June. This pack included  - sticks, balls, cones, bibs, whistles, and goalkeeping gear. It was arranged and funded by the Oceania Hockey Federation and when Hockey Australia knew the shipment was going they donated further equipment particularly suited to youth hockey. Ray and his committee have enthusisatically unpacked and named all the equipment and this will be vital to ensure that schools and participants are not faced with equipment barriers to their participation  

Progress on Hin4H Program Delivery 

December 2021: 

Hook in4 Health Schools - Although lock-down has prevented a full roll out of this program the Hin4H began offering sessions in November at the National Hockey Stadium. They originally started with only a few children however their numbers have quicky grown as word about the program has got around.

26th June - Olympic Day, FIH Year of the Youth

2 key themes were emphasised on this day where youth and adults gathered at the Sir John Guise Hockey Staduim. 

32 youth (5-19years ) used the new equipment (each participant had their own stick and ball) to try new skills and games - this was PNGHF's initiative to celebrate Olympic Day and FIH Year of the Youth by using national players as leaders.

Hook in 4 Health  Messaging - Domestic Violence - Not Now, Not Ever

27 adults, who had accompanied their children to the skills session, attended and listened to an address by Ms Beatrice Mahuru former CEO of the Digicel Foundation. 

Superb day of activities