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Taking hockey outside Honiara boundary - President Winki Yee and Development Officer  Allen Temoa have spent the last 2 weeks visiting schools that are over an hour beyond the city boundary. Selwyn College registered 30 players while Nguvia School  had lots of players attend for their first session. Excellent iniatitive SHIF!







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Solomon Islands have played hockey since the 1970s. However, it was not until 2014 that hockey was established as a more vibrant and professional organisation.

Since 2014 AGMs have been held annually and the Solomon Islands Hockey Federation ratified an updated Constitution, became affiliated to NOCSI and organised regular activities.

Oceania Hockey Federation employed a fulltime Development Officer in 2015 with the day to day direction placed in the hands of the SIHF Executive. SIHF has activities happening throughout the year, involving both genders, at all levels and in 2021 created a new program providing a hockey opportunity for those participants with a disability.  

SIHF Executive Committee 

President : Winki Yee   email:

CEO : Nihal Seneviratne  email:

Development Officer: Allen Temoa   email:





  • SCHOOL VISIT PROGRAM - School sessions are delivered in both primary and secondary schools throughout the year. The secondary school visits usually completed in June and July culminate in a national secondary school competition that is increasing in entries each year as the school visit program reaches more schools. During October the development staff and volunteers have been traveling beyond the Honiara city boundary to introduce students to hockey, especially as the Pacific Games in 2023 may provide an opportunity for those that are 16-18 in 2021 to represent their country.
  • PARA HOCKEY  - SIHF created an initiative to engage with the paralympic group to offer hockey sessions and this these began in June and have continued. 2 National players Lyn Basii and Paul Laurimo have been volunteering as coaches. 
  • TRAINING SESSIONS - these are run weekly throughout the year catering for mainly adult hockey players. The sessions have different elements - fitness, strength and conditionning, hockey skills and small games. There will be a High Performance Unit that is opened shortly in preparation for the Pacific Games and hockey has already positionned itself to be a sport that will align with this new centre and the expertise to provide quality programs for hockey athletes.
  • FESTIVAL DAYS - SIHF supports all special days that FIH or OHF identifies as important to celebrate or to organise a specific activity to highlight the theme or cause. In 2020 even though Honiara was locked down SIHF organised a special opportunity to celebrate Olympic Day by taking 36 participants in a bus beyond the city border and running a full day of activities and enjoyment. SIHF also links with the Olympic Committee, NOCSI  to take advantage of any activities that may be running.



Hockey5s is the  major game format used and SIHF have organised boards around the perimeter of the field. The lack of a designated hockey field has been an issue especially over the last 18 months and it has restricted the times that competitions can be played. However, a couple of the schools Woodford  and Betikama have been very supportive over 2021 but there is still restrictions on availability. The Pacific Games in Nov 2023 is really key to creating a dedicated hockey facility and OHF is working closely with SIHF and the Pacific Games Council to ensure that that happens. 

SIHF runs :

Secondary School Championships

Club Leagues

National Games on behalf of the Govt  - Solomon Island Games 

SIHF National Teams compete in Oceania Championships the last one being in 2019 at Rockhampton where both teams won silver medals 





EDUCATION - SIHF have recognised the importance of providing opportunities for their volunteers to learn and have been proactive in funding umpires and technical officials to Oceania events to enable them to learn from expertise or umpire beside mentors from Australia or New Zealand. 2 of the participants Jack Donga and Samson Auga have continued to give back by helping to train those new volunteers, particularly the ones involved in the Secondary Championships. The main courses run are :

1.   FIH/OHF Level 1 Coach '

2.  FIH/OHF Foundation Umpire 

3. OHF  Hockey 5s Umpire

4. OSEP Community Workshops - generic administration, coach & official