Pacific Games Volunteers were Amazing

Published Tue 12 Dec 2023

The Pacific Games Organising Committee deserves a significant mention for months of preparation towards making the Games a successful evetn for all involved. A huge thank you from OHF to Jefferson Izoma, who was appointed as the Hockey Sports Manager, to liaise with Gill Gemming, the appointed  Hockey TD.  This role started nearly 3 years ago as the venue needed to be built, inspected, measured and signed off  and all the equipment ordered and purchased so it was a much wider role than is normal for a technical delegate. There were compromises to ensure a legacy for SIHF, as previously SIHF had no venue and this hindered their ability to run regular tournaments as they often had to wait for a free ground! So a purpose built venue and goals were always the number 1 priority.  An enormous shout out to Clint Flood, Rob Dorovolomo, Jefferson Izoma,  Genevieve Kelani, Serah Kuper, Helen Pihema and Brenda Perreaux who organised all the logistics including flights, accommodation and accreditation for all our technical officials. The venues teams Alison Birchall and Steve Clark were so supportive in ensuring that the venue was built to specifications and available for use a lot sooner than many venues. Finally to Martin Rara President of NOCSI, who has been supportive to hockey growing as a sport since its re engagement in 2014.  

The last crew to leave King Solomons Hotel - Fijian Officials Ernest, Aaron, Harry and Epeli with Helen (middle) and her associate. Huge hours they put in !! 

Gill Gemming, as TD for the Hockey competition, together with Competition Manager, Jefferson Izoma, met with the selected group in September to begin the first training. As it was the day when Gill ran a test event  with the Solomon Islands teams playing a series of matches, the volunteers came to the pitch to observe how the game was played and identified the type of roles that they would play.

As it was incredibly hot during the event the roles were split up into workable time slots so that the volunteers could take a breather and get re hydrated and fed.  There were also additional roles added as the competition started - buckets were purchased so that the "waterboys" could regularly spread water around the goal mouths to protect the Goalkeepers from sticking to the turf. SIHF  President  Winki Yee got a water bath made for participants moving onto the pitch so they could clean their shoes as the warm up area was on the grass area next door and this stopped grass and dirt from being trampled in. The "waterboys" took on keeping clean water in the bath as part of their expanded role.

A table was set up behind the bench so that the second flip score board, borrowed from Table Tennis, could inform the spectators of the score so this was a new role but one eagerly accepted as it kept them involved in the action. Runners worked from the office to the bench taking and collecting paper work,  as well as providing match sheets to the media and commentators. 

Volunteers in Action


Medical Unit                                                                            Spectator scoring table                                                      Volunteers looking after the Media and Announcer 

The medical unit was extremely valuable and worked well with Dr John and our teams. Medical doctors and nurses came from the American Red Cross ship that was in the harbour all through the Games. This ship, similar to a hospital,  was fully set up with operating rooms and was able to manage any serious injuries or illness that a huge Games can be faced with. A team was transported to the ground daily assisting the local medical St John's team.