Pacific Games Update - June

Published Wed 05 Jul 2023

Honiara, the host city for the 2023 Pacific Games has had its Hockey5s pitch completed and signed off.

OHF Secretary General David Peebles, and Pacific Games Technical Delegate Gill Gemming, were thrilled to be invited to inspect the new facility during their visit in June.

It is well positioned on the King George Secondary School campus and has an athletic training track and soccer field adjacent. These facilities and the hockey centre are served by newly built changing rooms and mobility toilets.

The pitch will have lights which will be helpful to extend their competition hours. Dugouts and a grandstand are still to be built. The athletes participating in the Pacific Games will enjoy the fact that the main dining facility is right beside the hockey pitch

This will be a huge legacy for hockey, as currently they have no venue to call their own. Solomon Islands Hockey Federation have been very fortunate to have a positive relationship with Woodford International School, where they play their Sunday games, but they have to share that with other sports on the same day.

Solomon Islands Men's Hockey5s team getting a team photo on the new turf