Kaluwin Potuan Receives OHF Life Membership

Published Mon 18 Sep 2023

Oceania Hockey Federation Continental Development Officer Gill Gemming presented his OHF Life Membership  Badge and certificate to Kaluwin, who was surrounded by his family  who dressed in ceremonial attire to celebrate Kaluwin's achievements as well as Independence Day. 

Gill listed his achievements to the big crowd, especially noting that the artificial surface that the ceremony took place on was a fitting location to have the ceremony as this was a true legacy that Kaluwin achieved for hockey. It was his dream to have a full water surface and home for hockey and he achieved this in 2015 by being part of the Pacific Games Facilities Committee ensuring that a hockey turf was build and a magnifient pavilion. Kaluwin and his family business was a key sponsor that supported many hockey athletes and officials to attend tournaments in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Vanuatu. Kaluwin, last major contribution was to lead  partnering  with OHF to establish the Hook in4 Health program and the appoint of 3 fulltime staff.   His hockey legacy is continuing with his son Andrew, appointed to coach the PNG Women's team while son Michael will manage the PNG Men's team at this year's Pacific Games.  Kaluwin and Theresa, his wife, are enjoying watching the next generation play hockey.








Kaluwin, with grandson Jacob, who was plays club hockey in the men's competiton watched together the opening day of the Independence Competition.

Ray Lapun, the newly elected PNGHF President  also paid tribute to Kaluwin and his mentoring and encouragement to many of the crowd that ateended. Gifts were presented on behalf of PNGHF and Associations. Family members also acknowledged Kaluwin.

After the formal presentations the crowd was entertained by wonderful dancing and this was followed by the finals of the 3 day competition held to celebrate Independence Da.y