Hook in4 Health Training the Trainers Workshop

Published Thu 06 Jun 2024

The Hin4H Workshop is an annual opportunity to bring partners and Hin4H staff together to enhance the quality and understanding of the key Sport for Development objectives and how these can be integrated using hockey as the platform. It is also an opportunty for the In-country Coordinators and others attending to share their experiences and learn about the commonalities of their experiences dispite their diverse locations. It is also an opportunity for Program Manager Gill Gemming to supply equipment, resources and technology which has been identified as a need by countries prior to the workshop gathering.

The partners attending were Julie and David McNeil (Aspire), Dr Kathryn Jackson (Flinders University), Ben Angoa (SIPPA), together with OHF Facilitator Gill Gemming. Solomon Islands Hockey Federation President Winki Yee and Jack Donga also attended Fridays Sessions to learn more about the program delivery and their responsibility as a partner. Leeann Nabu, a qualified dietitian working for SINIS attended all three days as did Vincent Hagamara who is a National Coach with disability athletes.

The workshop sessions involved significant practical opportunities and activities which was important to hone the participants presentation skills and confidence speaking to a group. Team building activities were lots of fun but also served the purpose of developing leadership and listening skills. The three ICC's Ray Lapun, Frank Vira, and Joachim Rande all gave a 10 minute presentation highlighting one aspect of their program that was achieving Sport for Development objectives. this was an excellent sharing opportunity for the others to learn from and consider utilising in their program.

Ray Lapun gave a superb presentation which was a practical demonstration of how his Mamas group had been learning to sew. He used the three presenters, Julie, Gill and Kathryn as models to demonstrate how a typical session would go. 





Jeremy Olivia Ghailobo and Esmie Belo (Solomon Islands Development Officers) stayed in during the lunch break to learn more from Ray so they could introduce it into their own communities. 

On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning David McNeil took the participants through practical hockey sessions at the stadium with particular emphasis on teaching basic skills to school age participants and how to integrate safety, nutrition, and health messaging within the sessions.