Hook in4 Health Team Training

Published Thu 19 Oct 2023

Hook in4 Health Papua New Guinea staff Ray Lapun, Hussein Lowah and Pomat Kanamon linked with training partners Aspire to be Deadly in Cairns.

Hook in4 Health Volunteer Vincent Ilumpai ensured the PNG Hin4H team got safely to the airport to travel to Cairns.

This trip was an opportunity for the PNG Team to work face to face with the Cairns Indigenous Ambassadors, learning more about quality delivery, and being exposed to a range of programs they could take back to Papua New Guinea to include and extend their delivery plans.

From the Aspire to be Deadly website:

'With the extension of the Aspire to be Deadly Funding  now confirmed and with interest high in the future direction of the ACCL/Aspire innovative and game changing collaboration, the time has never been better to invite stakeholders, existing partners, participants, supporters and allies to come together with a focus on creating a refreshed and reframed sport for good program highlighting Live Well Learn Well Lead Well.
We have attendees coming from Oceania, Hockey Australia, Hockey Queensland, FNQ remote and regional as well as our local partners like Safer Streets, School Sport, sporting organizations,  government, and schools as well as some Aspire student leaders.'