FIH President Tyyab Ikram visits Oceania

Published Wed 05 Jun 2024

The OHF AGM was held on Saturday the 18th of May in Nadi Fiji. All 8 NFs were represented together with OHF President Cam Vale and the majority of the OHF Board and Staff.

The weekend activities started with an informal dinner where President Tyyab was able to meet with each of the delegates such as shown in the photo on the right taken with Samoan President Faamausili Taiva Ah Young.

President Tyyab addressed the delegates prior to the AGM commencing, outlining FIH's key objectives and future plans. The introduction of development grants was well received by all the Pacific Nations, as was the information re FIH's Hockey 5s new pitch programme that would see developing nations with no aratificial able to apply in 2024. B]

Before the AGM an OHF strategic workshop session was held and President Tyyab circulated around the groups taking full part in disussion.

 The photo on the right shows robust discussion taking place, left to right: Andy Rowe (OHF Board) Faamausili Taiva Ah Young (Samoa President), Jack Manuel (Vanuatu Vice President), Cathy Fabiano (Fiji Secretary), Ross Sudano (Australia Board Chair)

The cover photo shows Winki Yee (Solomon Islands President), Michelle Hollands (OHF Board), with Tyyab Ikram.