Coach Developer Supports Pacific Islands through the year

Published Fri 22 Dec 2023

The coach developer support program started in March at the FIH Level 2 Camp in Tauranga NZ. After the camp national coaches identified areas that they wished to have support in.

OHF identified coach developers who would be available to attend the tournament and as the word spread individual coaches developers also approached OHF to offer their time.

John Mowat, FIH Trainer,  was a key facilitator at the Tauranga Level 2 Coach Camp. It was at this camp in a feedback session with the participants that the idea of having Mentor Coaches available to support Pacific Islands at both major events in 2023 evolved. John worked with Vanautu coaches - John Iawila and Nicole Mentha in the GOld Coast. John was involved in the very first Hockey 5s event run in Vanuatu, and has continued to support development across the Oceania Region and been a valuable member of the Oceania Education Committee since this event..

Greg Steele, an recognised Queensland coach, who works in PNG, had approached OHF early in 2023 offering his support to PNGHF. Greg was with the teams at the World Cup Hockey 5s Tournament at the Gold Coast, then continuing his support through to the Pacific Games.

Sean Smith (Sydney)  worked with the Tongan national teams from May through until the Pacific Games. He was instrumental in bringing Tongan Sydney based players into the teams which provided game knowledge and experience. The Tongan national teams progress through the year showed the benefits of the mentoring system.

Leroy Phillips, a former South African national player, who is associated with the Roosters Hockey Club on the Gold Coast, worked with the Solomon Islands throughout 2023 and ran several training camps in Honiara with the support of the National Institute of Sport (SINIS).

Nico and Jo Ioane from Mudgee Hockey Club (NSW) have supported Samoa's Hockey Development over many years. Jo acted as the manager for the Samoan Women's team and provided a significant level of expertise which was important seeing the Pacific Games were there first competition since 2017. Nico, both played for the men's team and assisted National Coach Faamausili Taiva Ah Young with understanding the Hockey 5s game.

At the end of the Pacific Games Solomon Islands Hockey Federation President Winki Yee, hosted a luncheon for the mentor coaches together with their national coaches, as well as OHF representatives, CEO Craig Gribble and CDO Gill Gemming. This was an opportunity to discuss the continuation of mentor coach support through into 2024 and beyond.